Elixir Africa

Elixir Africa (Pty) Ltd. is a forerunner in providing customers with reputable, accredited and certified CBD products specifically targeting health and wellness, ensuring compliance within the legal framework of South Africa. We carry a full range of premium grade CBD sprays, tinctures, vapes, e-liquids, edibles, massage oil kits and pet CBD. Our sprays and tinctures have accompanying Nappi codes, which means clients may claim back from their medical aid savings.


Our products are True-Zero THC free (non-psychoactive). This is our CBD seal of quality. It represents our promise that our CBD products will never contain any THC. We have carefully selected our suppliers, who have taken great care in sourcing their raw materials which are some of the only completely THC free, isolates and distillates in the world, so we can make this claim with total confidence. Their use of proprietary technology means that our CBD isolate is of the highest possible purity with even the lowest trace amounts of THC completely removed – a fact backed by rigorous batch-testing, demonstrated in both our international and local certificates of analysis (COAs). Beyond this, our seal represents our guarantee of quality, safety and reliability. All aspects of our CBD products have been carefully considered and extensively tested to deliver ranges you can have the utmost confidence in, with pin-point accuracy and full traceability. If it carries our seal – you can be certain it is a CBD product you can trust.