When you're looking for a true energy boost to pull you through the hustle of your day!

When you’re looking for a true energy boost to pull you through the hustle of your day! This terpene blend will provide a fresh and uplifting effect while helping to reduce any anxiety or depressive moods. In addition to an energising boost, this blend of terpenes will promote mental clarity ensuring you are ready to focus on the day ahead. It also provides gentle pain relief that can soothe any minor aches or pains. Some of the terpenes in this blend are known for clearing the airways and relieving nasal congestion as they have decongestant properties, creating a clean and refreshing effect on the body.

Keep your attention and mind focused on
completing the task!

The terpene is great for improving mental clarity and also acts as a memory enhancer. It improves concentration by providing uplifting and anti-anxiety effects.

It also boasts pain relief and anti-inflammatory properties.
The appetite suppressant properties have the potential to sooth hunger so as not to distract from the task at hand.

The terpene blend will only serve to relax an overly loud anxious mind, instead of having drowsy effects, thus keeping you alert and focussed.

Time to unwind
from the
stresses around us!

The terpenes in the Relax products have shown benefits of not only a calming effect but also helps with nausea relief, as an anti-inflammatory and with pain relief, which aids the body further into a relaxed state. It helps soothe the mind and body without causing excessive drowsiness.

The anti-anxiety and anti-depressant properties aid in achieving a harmonious mindset.

The blend also has terpenes that act as appetite suppressants which further calms the body.

Body in need

The terpenes in the Repair products ensures an uplifting experience with the possibility of combatting symptoms of depression and anxiety as well as a reduction of muscle spasms and pain from inflammation, that may have been caused by pushing the body beyond its reasonable limits.

The pain relief, immune support and antioxidant properties can have a positive effect on bodily functions and reduce the possibility of getting ill. One of the other terpenes promotes bone growth and repair and also helps to improve mental focus.