We’ve listened!

After being inundated with requests for our flavoured and effect based e-liquids to be made available, we have heard you and now launch the full range of Elixir Africa E Liquid products!

Elixir Africa has taken great care in sourcing our raw materials, resulting in us having access to some of the only true zero THC isolate and distillates in the world.

In addition to traditional flavours we have utilised terpenes – naturally occurring flavour compounds commonly found in the hemp plant itself, to specially develop unique terpene blends designed to add an “entourage effect” to our CBD products as well as bold natural flavours, so customers can choose the perfect CBD product for a variety of needs.  Our terpene effect and strain blends are always made using only the highest quality terpenes with full analytical certification. The high-quality isolate being used in our products ensures that our CBD can endure much higher temperatures before burning-upwards of 250 degrees, which makes it even more ideal for vaping. Competing Isolates have been seen to lose up to 20-30% of their total CBD content when heated beyond 200 degrees.
Ours loses a maximum of only 2%.

Our latest product addition, the E-Liquids, has been specially formulated to maintain total stability and fantastic flavour delivery, using the same premium quality PG and VG while being carefully infused with our True zero THC CBD isolate. We have made this available in both the traditional and terpene effect-based flavours.

Contact us to purchase your E liquids and we will ensure
it’s speedily couriered to you.

The launch special for any 4 liquids purchased, will receive a 10% discount and a gift box! Hurry while stocks last!