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Water Soluble CBD


Our water soluble CBD powder is a great way to start your day !!

Water soluble CBD sachets make getting a regular dose of CBD simple and convenient.

This CBDelicious, water soluble CBD powder is a great way to get CBD without using an oil tincture.  Traditional CBD oil tinctures don’t blend as well into liquid drinks because the oil is less dense than water and separates easily.

Studies has found that water soluble CBD provides the best absorption of CBD into our body.

Simply tear the sachet open and add the contents into a drink or beverage of your choice.  Stir until completely dissolved.  Drink and enjoy the benefits of CBD.

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Elixir products are True-Zero THC. This is our CBD seal of quality. It represents our promise that our CBD products will never contain any THC.

CBD ISOLATE:  This is the purest form of CBD.
It is a crystalline powder found to have CBD concentration of over 99%. There are no risks of psychoactive effects as there is no THC present.
It does not deliver the enhanced benefits of the entire cannabis plant.

BROAD SPECTRUM:  Offers the full benefits of the cannabis plant (entourage effect). No risk of psychoactive effects as no THC.  May have a strong natural flavour and odour.  The following cannabinoids are present in our Elixir broad spectrum tinctures and oral sprays: CBD, CBG, CBN and CBD-V


10mg CBD (Cannabidiol A Cannabis Flos Extract) and Palatinose.

Do NOT exceed 20mg of CBD per day. Store at or below 25 degrees Celsius. Keep out of direct sunlight. Do not refrigerate.
Keep out of reach of children.

Recommended Daily Dosage:
Do NOT exceed 20mg of CBD per day.

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